Films -Tv

Twilight Zone   Scott Nicholson
Man In the High Castle   Maja Aro
Siren   Ed Anders
The 100   Marshall Virtue
Dolemite is my name Stunt Performer/fighter Billy Washington
Motherland #Pilot Stunt Performer Enerst Jackson
The Rookie #102 Stunt Dbl afton williamson Melissa Stubbs
Rabbis Stunt Performer Lauro Chartrand
Van Helsing #313 Stunt Performer Kimani Ray Smith
Sacred lies Stunt Performer Maja Aro
Take Two #106 Stunt dbl Tattiawna Jones David Jacox
Fast Layne #103-105-106 Motocycle/Driver Stunt Dbl Owen Walstorm
Project Blue Book Stunt Performer Jeff Aro
Arrow # 618 Stunt Performer Curtis Braconnier
The Mission Stunt Performer Danny Virtue
The Rookie Pilot Stunt Driver Dbl Melissa Stubbs
Hit the Floor #402 Motorcycle Stunt Dbl Elisabeth Carpenter
Colony #312 Stunt Performer Jeff Aro
The Crossing #103 Stunt dbl Karen Holness Danny Virtue
Supergirl #313 Stunt Dbl Krys Marshall Simon Burnett
SIX #210 Stunt Dbl Nadine Velazquez Bill Fergurson
Sirens #110 Stunt Dbl Fola Evans Ed Anders
Supernatural #1307 Stunt Dbl Caitlin Stryker Rob Hayter
Once Upon A time #708 Stunt Dbl Dania Ramirez Bruce Crawford
Arrow #607 Stunt Performer Eli Zougadakis
Snowpiercer (pilot) Stunt Performer Gaston Morrisson
Dead Pool 2 Stunt Performer Scott Ateah
Once Upon a Time #706 Motorcycle Stunt Dbl Bruce Crawford
Man In the High Castle 301 Stunt Performer Jeff Aro
Once Upon a Time #703 Motorcycle Stunt Dbl Maja Aro
Legends Of Tomorrow #302 Stunt Dbl Maisie R-Sellers Dean Choe
Flash Season #401 Stunt Dbl Britine Oldford John Kralt/Chad Bellamy
Van Helsing 2 Stunt Actor Kimani Ray Smith
The Good Doctor (pilot) Stunt performer Gaston Morrisson
ZOO Season 3 Stunt Dbl Melissa Stubbs
Kings Stunt Dbl  Halle Berry Louis Simon
Bates Motel Stunt driver Dbl  Rihanna Dan Shea
Legion /Club House Stunt Actor Guy Bews
Tully Stunt Double Melissa Stubbs
The 100 Stunt Dbl-Stunt Performer Marshall Virtue
Beyond Stunt Performer Ernest Jackson
ZOO Season 2 Stunt Performer Melissa Stubbs
Shut Eye Stunt Performer Gaston Morrisson
Travelers (#105-106) Stunt Double (Nesta Cooper) Doug Chapman
Legends Of Tomorrow Stunt Double (Hawk Girl) Dean Choe / LIoyd Adams
The Flash #208 Stunt Double (Hawk Girl) John Kralt / Chad Bellamy
Arrow #408 Stunt Double (Hawk Girl) Eli Zougadakis / JJ Makaro
Star Trek Stunt Double (Zoe Saldana) Mike Gunther
X-Files #1005 Stunt Performer Melissa Stubbs
Supernatural Stunt Double Lou Bollo
Minority Report Stunt Falling Woman John Stoneham Jr
Extant Stunt Double (Halle Berry) Jim Vickers / Henry Kingi Jr
Kidnap Stunt Double (Halle Berry) Andy Dylan / Steven Ritzi
World of Warcraft Stunt Double (Paula Patton)    Tom Struthers/John Street
Brick Mansion Stunt Dbl (Catalina Denis) Alex Cadieux
X-Men Days of Future Past Stunt Double (Halle Berry) J .Habberstad /J. Churchman
The Ends of the Earth Stunt Coord Assistant Lauro Chartrand
Beauty & the Beast Stunt Dbl Nina Lisandrello) Alison Reid
True Justice Stunt Actor Lauro Chartrand
Maximum Conviction Stunt  Actor Lauro Chartrand
Bullet in the face Stunt Actor Stéphane Julien
Death Race Stunt Actor Dave Mc Keown
Stuck Stunt Actor John Stoneham Jr
Bon Cop Bad Cop Stunt Actor Marc Desourdy
I’m not there Stunt performer Benoit Gauthier
King Ransom Stunt Double (Leila Arcieri) Roy Anderson
Power Corps Stunt Performer John Walsh
The day after Tomorrow Stunt performer Branko Racki
Gothika Stunt Double (Halle Berry) Minor Mustain
The adventure of Pluto Nash Stunt Dbl (Rosario Dawson) Alan Oliney
The Sum of all fears Stunt Performer TDave McKeown
Riders Stunt performer Stephan Lefèbvre
Heist Stunt performer Jean Frenette
Les Dangereux Stunt performer Stephane Lefèbvre
Largo Winch Stunt Dbl –Stunt performer Marc Desourdy
Love Song Stunt Dbl (Monica Arnold) Minor Mustain
Lance et compte Next….. Stunt Actor Stéphane Lefèbvre



Assasin’s Creed



Stunt Performer



Motion Capture Ubisoft

Multi FC3 Stunt Performer Motion Capture Ubisoft
FC3 DLC Stunt Performer Motion Capture Ubisoft






Stunt Actor



Fabrique d’image

Sony Commercial Stunt Performer Fabrique d’image
Canadian Tire Stunt Double Fabrique d’image
Hyundai Commercial Stunt Driver Cinelande
Ford Focus Commercial Stunt Driver Fabrique d’image
Dodge Commercial Stunt Driver Fabrique d’image
Loto Québec Commercial Stunt Actor Fabrique d’image



STUNT COORDINATOR Assistant Stunt Coordinator


Childs Play Chucky Assistant Stunt Coordinator Lauro Chartrand
Dragged Across Concrete Assistant Stunt Coordinator Lauro Chartrand
One small indiscretion Stunt Coordinator Reel one/Viciferous Films

Transference  (Short )

The End of Earth

Stunt Coordinator

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Three V productions

Lauro Chartrand

Killing Salazar Assistant Stunt Coordinator Bruce Crawford


Motion Picture safety 201 Safety for supervisors Actsafe
Motorcycle Ridding Jasmil Motorcycle ridding school

Boxing , Hand to Hand combat

Horse Back ridding/western & English

John Street

Digger Hansen /R. Puiu /Krystal Creek

Kali training,Trapping G. Herman / Philippe Gelinas /Ron Balicki
Fire arms Snap Shot –Christian Labrie ,Paul Barrette
Military Technique Alexander Samakhv –Shadow squad
Martial Arts, Films fighting Marc Beaudry -yoseikan Budo center
Martial Arts  , Films Fighting Guillermo Grispo
Precision driving, wire work, Films Fighting Alan Oliney, Lauro Chartrand,
Dance, Classical ,Jazz, Various Style Ballet Eddie Toussaint-Louise Lapierre
Theatre/ Acting La troupe les Carcans , Martin Newfield


Double for :

Halle Berry Rosario Dawson Vanessa Williams

Paula Patton

Zoe Saldana

Britine Oldford

Caitlin Stryker

Karen Holness


Monica Arnold

Ciara Renee

Maisie Ridchardson Seller

Nina Lisandrello

Fola Evans

Leila Arcieri

Pam Grier


Dania Ramirez

Nadine Velazquez



The End Of the Earth Supporting CBS FILMS
Maximum Conviction Supporting Voltage Pictures/Keoni Waxman
Filiere 13 Lead ZooFilms/ Patrick Huard
Noemie Supporting Les Films Seville/Frederic D’amours
Cadavres Supporting ZooFilms/ Erik Canuel
Death Race Supporting Cruize Warner/ P.Anderson
Stuck Lead Amicus Ent/ Stuart Gordon
Bon Cop Bad Cop Lead Park Ex Picture/ Sortie 22
Cheech Supporting Go Film/ Patrice Sauvé
True Justice II Stunt/Actor Voltage Pictures/Keoni Waxman
Bullet In The Face supporting IFC/ Erik Canuel
Le Gentleman II Lead TVA/ Louis Choquette
LOL Lead Quebecomm TV/ F. St-Aman
Les Rescapes Supporting SRC/ Claude Desrosiers
Chez Jules Lead Genevieve Lefebvre
Bloodletting Supporting TNM/Erik Canuel
Bienvenue aux Dames Supporting V/ Frederic D’amours
Bye Bye 2008 Lead SRC/ Michaele Jean
Annie et ses hommes Lead TVA/ Richard Lahaie
Miss Meteo II Lead Serie+/ Frederic D’amours
Virginie Lead SRC/ Fabienne Larouche
Le 7e Round Lead SRC/ Sylvain Archambault
C.A Lead SRC/ Podz
Canadian Case Files Lead Mystery
Un Tueur Si Proche Lead Canal D/ Bernard Nadeau
Les Bougons Supporting SRC/ Alain Desrochers
L’auberge du chien noir Lead SRC
Lance et Compte Supporting TVA Jean Claude Lord
Cauchemar d’amours Supporting TVA
Sirens Lead ABC