World of Warcraft Stunt Double (Paula Patton) John Street
Brick Mansion Stunt Double (Catalina Denis) Alex Cadieux
X-Men Days of Future Past Stunt Double (Halle Berry) Jeff Habberstad /J. Churchman
RED 2 Stunt nd Larry Lam
The Ends of the Earth Stunt Coord Assistant Lauro Chartrand
Beauty & the Beast Stunt Double (Nina Lisandrello) Alison Reid
True Justice Stunt Actor Lauro Chartrand
Maximum Conviction Stunt Actor Lauro Chartrand
Bullet in the face Stunt Actor Stéphane Julien
Death Race Stunt Actor Dave Mc Keown
Stuck Stunt Actor John Stonney Jr
Bon Cop Bad Cop Stunt Actor Marc Desourdy
I’m not there Stunt performer Benoit Gauthier
King Ransom Stunt Double (Leila Arcieri) Roy Anderson
Power Corps Stunt Performer John Walsh
The day after Tomorrow Stunt performer Branko Racki
Gothika Stunt Double (Halle Berry) Steve Lucescu
The adventure of Pluto Nash Stunt Double (Rosario Dawson) Alan Oliney
The Sum of all fears Stunt Performer Terry Leonard-Dave McKeown
Riders Stunt performer Stephan Lefèbvre
Heist Stunt performer Jean frenette
Les Dangereux Stunt performer Stephane Lefèbvre
Largo Winch Stunt Double –Stunt performer Marc Desourdy
Love Song Stunt Double (Monica Arnold) Minor Mustain
Lance et compte Next….. Stunt Actor Stéphane Lefèbvre
Chapeau Melon Music video Stunt Actor Jean Frenette- Steph Lefèbvre
CSST Stunt Actor Stéphane Lefèbvre
Sony Commercial Stunt Performer Stéphane Lefèbvre
Canadian Tire Stunt Double Randy Butcher
Hyundai Commercial Stunt Driver Gilbert Larose
Ford Focus Stunt Driver
Dodge Stunt Driver Jean Frenette
UBISOFT (assassin’s creed) Stunt performer Stéphane Julien
UBISOFT Multi FC3 Stunt performer Stéphane Julien
UBISOFT FC3 DLC Stunt performer Stéphane Julien
Stunt & Photo Double fo:
Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Williams, Pam Grier, Paula Patton, Monica Arnold, Leila Arcieri